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Celebrating the opening of the new Albion Gallery in Albion, Brisbane. I am so proud to say that I was the first exhibition held with Revival Art and Design when they first opened a year and a half ago and I am now involved in their new gallery and first opening at this exciting new space!! Check them out at 17 Greg Chappell Street, Albion, Queensland.

  • Llewellyn Skye

Updated: Apr 23

Metro is very excited to be receiving several new works by Llewellyn Skye. Her work has always been in very high demand, however, her inclusion in a recent episode of House Rules has only accentuated this interest. These new acquisitions are archetypal Skye paintings and some of the stronger pieces to come from her studio in recent months. 

Two recent acquisitions for Metro Gallery are Llewellyn Skye’s The Other Girl and The Garden of Eden IV. Despite their heavy abstraction, both pieces are vaguely modelled on bouquets of flowers, a subject that has preoccupied Skye for several years. Flowers, which typically populate the canvasses of rudimentary still lives, are instead used by Skye as a visual mechanism to convey feelings of love and youthful passion. Rather than over intellectualising these themes, she expresses them in a primal language of colour and gesture. 

In The Other Girl, the viewer is presented with an explosion of pinks, reds and purples, set against a black backdrop. One’s first impression is of the stark contrast between something and nothing. Gestural brush strokes burst forth from the canvas and the viewer perhaps thinks of the Big Bang or an atomic explosion. On the contrary, however, this painting, as the suggestive title implies, is meant to represent something that does not physically exist: love, jealousy, sexual passion. Masterfully, Skye has aggrandised what are often perceived as petty emotions, giving them the weighted significance of near cataclysmic events.  Text by Julius Killerby


  • Llewellyn Skye

Ahhhhhh, so excited, and so humbled that my work - We Are The Coast Print, was chosen to feature on the first reno of House Rules : High Stakes, by contestants Tamara and Rhys on the Gold Coast! Yayyyyyyy!!!! A huge thank you to Art Lovers Australia who represent me and are major suppliers of House Rules and to Left Bank Gallery for getting the printing done so quickly. Super excited, cant wait for the season to kick off tonight.. Limited Editions of the print are available here and through Art Lovers Australia.. https://artloversaustralia.com.au/?s=llewellyn+skye