Llewellyn Skye’s new body of work, Hue to Hold, represents the artist’s process-focused efforts to capture the joy-inspiring, life-affirming essence of her source material - the rich, bold florals abstracted in her oil paintings. Whereas Skye’s previous works celebrated the fervent ardor of young love, whether blissful or forlorn, this series turns inward in contemplation—however it is equally curious and confident, steadfast in the face of uncertainty and darkness, never ceasing to wonder at the light.

Skye trusts her intuitive and at times playful practice, following her instincts in order to realise the key components of each piece—form, colour, movement and balance. For Hue to Hold, an experimental as opposed to a symbolist impulse prevails. The results often tap into something of an elemental calm—in greens, blues, and yellows. Elsewhere, subtle shades of pink and violet converse with contrasting darkness and light, hinting at the potential for tranquility and hope in the midst of conflict. Equally powerful are striking companion pieces whose dream-like play of similarities and differences call to mind a willingness to embrace a multiplicity of perspectives.

Capturing the colourful memories that shaped her creative existence, as the world around her began falling away—with playful references to family, the discovery of being an enneagram number 9 and her newly found obsession with John Lennon. The exhibition title draws from Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” whose lament at the loss of life’s fleeting moments of perfect beauty is, for Skye a clarion call to take hold of the myriad other hues to which we look for sustenance of spirit in the face of uncertainty.