Llewellyn Skye's bold floral abstractions convey young love in a primal language of colour and gesture. What emerges is a paradox of profound opposites. Foolish, youthful passion is freeing but all-consuming. It furnishes hope yet brings despair. Such love is perfectly flawed in its overwhelming intensity but also beautiful and magical in its imperfections and surprises.

Skye’s effervescent, expressive bouquets are rendered with confident brush strokes in vibrant colours against dark and muted backgrounds. The work, which marries abstraction and expressionism, mirrors the sweetness and inevitable pain of the ardor of young romance, which, like the springtime, blooms with vigor but soon betrays its fragility.

Skye's work recognises that with change and loss comes a darkness. But it also affirms the need to struggle to live in the moments, however fleeting, of beauty and light.

"Florals represent abstract beauty and impermanence, all the qualities I enjoy in life and love." - Skye




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Palm Beach

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