• Llewellyn Skye

It's Showtime..times two!!!!

I am so happy, excited, nervous, semi-freaking out to announce that I will be having TWO solo shows coming up! Yayyy!!! Having three young kids (at the moment they are aged 3, 6 & 9) does not give you much time to do much let alone pursue your passion - for the past 8 years I have been making art and exhibiting in group shows but have never had the time to put on a solo. Well guess what - this Mummabear has finished making babies and my youngest baby is not a baby anymore so its the perfect time to jump back into the crazy world of solo and show everybody that this Mumma is never gonna quit! I started this year with my first solo in the new Brisbane gallery Revival Art - it was like a warm hug back into the solo world..after that Im ready to take on the world.. (Huge thank you to Pauline & Mark from Revival - they feel like family already). So it is official - my next TWO solo shows will be at First Coat Studios in Toowoomba - October this year and M-ARTS - January 2020. Between these two big solos, group shows, a big flower festival (will tell you more once its all locked in) and some secret projects its pretty much full ball until next year. Thanks to PL (my last post) I feel focused and ready to take it all on. Wish me luck! S x