'This is a Love Story' - Solo Exhibition of new works by Llewellyn Skye

Revivial Art & Design - 7 - 19 September, 2021



Artist Statement | ‘This is a love story' is a homage to the passion and intensity I feel about painting and art making. I am a romantic. Working in my studio alone is where I connect with my deeper romantic self - through music, contemplation and the process of painting. My best work comes when I’m feeling every beat, every lyric, moving fast, working entirely from the gut - my mind can only think of colour, texture, light and movement. As well as the intoxicating act of putting paint onto canvas, memories, experiences, loves and losses all play a part in each final work. Painting as wild and free as my heart and the tumbling florals before me is my romance, finding the connection between that moment and the canvas is my passion’

- Llewellyn Skye